Oct 19, 2011

extra! extra!

this is what i did on last sunday, and out today :D

well, its mostly written wrongly than i what i meant (they put my age older!). but then i think this is my first time, so i guess it's something :D


  1. hello. saya henny. saya mau tanya apa bisa wall painting ? buat ruang sekolah minggu di gereja saya soalnya lagi renovasi ulang. no hp saya : 031-70864051.

  2. waw. menarik!!
    bisa email saya di holla@nitchii.net?
    thank u henny.

  3. What! they put your age wrong !!!how much older? It is not polite to ask a woman her age but this is a crime! ah ah ah ah!
    Congratulation for the first article about you.!:D

  4. 2 years!!! a disgrace! :D
    well, they did ask (and write on their pad) about my birthday. think something's in their eyes! big one, i hope. haha.
    thanks, alice :*