May 22, 2011

this weekend

a wedding, a funeral and a birthday.
been so busy, i hardly remember it's weekend. it's my cousin's wedding and been a heavy-hectic javanese procession, but ended up beautifully. congratulation for putri and david, be very happy and make tons of babies.

as i mention a funeral, my very-very best-friend's mother passed away, yesterday. so sad, i cannot say anything, except just to hope everyone's alright. 
today is the burial day, it was very emotional, of course, as she is a very nice person. as losing a person to love and loved us is barely unfair, it's better to be stout at heart and say endless good thing about them. because that's what everybody wants to be remembered as. *hugs tantru*

today's my dad's birthday. and this is what i made for a most profoundly musical person...

yes, it's another hand-painted cushion case, one of series i did for the whole week. i feel slightly selfish, but he loved it. very much. and it's more than enough. happy birthday dad!!!!!!

and speaking of which, one of my idol-illustrator complimented and seem to be interested on one of my work. which is going apparel very soon. it feels so good it become the perfect closure event for the weekend. 

ciao, mi bello! 


  1. such busy week, hm?
    have a blessed life :)

  2. yea, it was pretty packed
    thank god it ends neatly :)