Dec 6, 2010

have u ever feel...

.. that she/he is too good for you. and that makes u feel like a terrible-terrible person? and even more terrible, because you're sounding like u blame him/her for being such a sweet and undemanding person?
that's how i feel.

i mean, i am married to a such a good human being. and how he made me feel stupid and ugly, is a freaking routine. i mean, i am way too lousy compared to him. with all my curse of being 'blessed' by mood swing, rollercoaster temper. and whenever i do my stunts, he just sit there. 
he won't judge, he won't be snapping me back. and THAT is the moment, i will feel like an idiot.

i'm tired of being idiot. because i'm not. i hope, not...

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