Jul 12, 2010

hear me not

This post was meant to be my nagging post. So, whomever objects, may press the x button above. Go ahead I don’t care.

But for those who care, I simply am seeking for agree-comrades about how hard it is to have a well clean living in our own house. I mean, these prices these days!!!! I mean, its extremely gazzilionly hard to find a decent cheap stuff. Seriously.
I mean, I’m starting a new life here. We’re renting a common, non-special but well-fitted house for us to initiate our own household. But… GOD.  How am I going to start it if I  cannot find a kitchen paper holder for under 50Ks.

i mean, cmon. I don’t really want that Nicole Richie’s way of life. I just want to live convenient in a little house that has all of our needs. Basic needs (which is, of course, with patterns and colored linens, and stuff).

It’s been two weeks. And we’re moving in first day of august.
I dunno what I’ve been through, but I feel tired everyday. Being grumpy, it’s exhausting. I didn’t even pack yet. 

It’ hard to ask. But, seriously. I don’t feel married enough. Is this normal?


  1. sekali lagi, congratulations on ur wedding, ur new life, ur new house and everything!

    wish u very very the best, my dear.. ditunggu foto2 rumah barunya ya.. beserta pernak pernik isinya yang lucu2 itu.. :D

  2. bunch of thankies, sherrrrr *kisses*