Jun 14, 2010


the man is getting sicker. he had higher fever than the day before. it was my fault we didn't get to the doctor immediately. plus this sunday, we had stacks of things to do.
i had to go to the primper, early in the morning, coz we had a photo shoot in the afternoon. which turned out... regular. hhHH i hate regular. it didn't paid off the thick of that freaking foundation glued to my face.

and then after, we went to rehearse for songs and sort. without memi, of coyrse, coz he's to sicky to participate. *sad* also, me and my whole fams went to fit the drobes for mama and my biggie sister. coz it's less than 2weeks left! *impulsive panic*

got a great news, that the lovely one who own the 3divas, is going to be the MC for THE day! uber yay! :))

well, that's all for today. i hope tomorrow memi's all better.toodles

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