Jun 27, 2010


here i am. a few hours left from my beauty sleep. a few hours away to my akad. and a few hours left to be single.
ohmigod, i wish i had so much thing to do, so that i'd distract my butt away of being.... confused.

speaking of diversion, hours after i heard news about friend's death, one of my office branch is swept by fire. all burnt. :(
so sad, and it ate my thoughts for couple of hours. and then i snapped back to my confussion. marriage.

i mean, of course i am happy, (kiddn me?!) marrying him is the best decision (and bravest) thing i've ever decide.
i feel so relax, it made me panic. i mean, should i be in horrific tension?! 

putting aside of everything, i really hope thing goes well.
i don't care bout the party and all the glamorous (of chaos) thingy we're on in the evening, except for the rain.
i just want a simple, smooth akad. i'm sure memi will NOT stutter.

the thing is, i really don't care all. i just want us to be together. 
we're done by the illegal,  so this time... is going to be legit :)

so Allah, bless us a big chunk of luck.

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