May 13, 2010


how i love my room. it's so small, as big as a coffin, but i love it. it smells nice, and have cold blanket and pillow...
i love it when i turn on the air cond, and leave it for a while. before i finally dive in to the softness of my cushiony bed... sniffing the smell of fresh laundry blankets, fluffy pillow... uhm.

yesterday i went to royal plaza with memi. and found worthy-cheapy stuff. those are nice Dust Bunnies tissue-holder from one of my favorit Studio Ghibli movie, My Neighbor Totoro. it is extremely cute and. guess what! only cost for 10K. i mean, it's a steal!! XD

i also found this lovely non-pricey wall decor. a tree with flower, apple and an OWL!!!  
after i got home, i directly put this heartbreaking adhesive. and guess what?! it matches my forest blankie. oh.. i love it!!!!

but yet, i'll be within a month. huhu :(

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