May 19, 2010

i got it.

i got it. i really do. 
i got my this in my hands. yea, i know. finally! yay

thinks that i happed to fulfill my number1 belonging-dream, is something called... reason!!
1. i'm sick. and contagious. that anyone wouldn't even want to share the same room with me, and not able to have kids. and this, includes memi too. but he's to polite to tell, so he diver himself to the (coincidently, or not!) new office.
2. things getting so hard at my old rottenic office! 
3. i'm in pain, covered in mask, stuck in my room, and i need distraction.
or maybe,
4. i'm just feeling lonely.

i'm fed up with i-care-about-u-but-please-keep-it-distance bullshit people telling me. telling me to do, not to do, but do not want to be near. what? u need a RC for that?!

i might be overreacting about this, not to mention demanding, feeling ignored. but this is what i feel. *plus, this is my blog :D

u know what, wtvr. unloved. :'(

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