Apr 24, 2009


I love more than I afford the loss. That’s why things didn’t work well on me.

I know how mostly people think about pets. They’re incomplete capacity and non-worth priority onto someone’s life and how they treat other people is simply freak and less-human unlike them.

This has been a loud wake up call. How I used to burden someone with my overloaded emotion bonds. Faith disagrees. Faith always disagrees.

It wasn’t easy to be with him, at first place. He belongs to someone. I wonder, he would’ve been lived if I didn’t take him away. My bruise even haven't been cured from the accident I had because of the rush and my disability to be patient of seeing him right away.

I should've known. I tried too hard. I force thing to be as I wanted it to become. It WILL be on my way, but just temporary. 5 years? A week? No matter how long or brief it will be heaved, things will be back on their own track.

Fact that unlimitedless and try-hard really could be a public nuisance. So consistency is pain in the ass, when it comes to emotion issue. Everything is pain in the ass when it comes to emotion issue.

Im sorry, tubi. I really am sorry.

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