Mar 2, 2009

me waaaaantt.....

ok, you could like "d'oh!" me coz i got so much things i want, like having it, buying it or simply get it freely! anyone? ^^

but just shut e vous gob for sec, and let me shoot...

1. car!!!! a Peugeot 307 SW would be neat.

2. that brown DKNY chiffon dress...cost like 700grant!!!!!!!! friggin capitalist, donna karran!

3. a simple and decent CELLPHONE LIKE LGKS360 would be friggin sweet. huhuhuhuhu...

4. a tree! i would really appreciate if someone gets me tree for my b'day. especially if that someone listed as a hugh-jackman-sweet-and-smart kinda guy. i will like, just woke up at 2am, he's in front of my doorstep, hand me a medium-sized sack with open-top of 30feet-baobab-to-be. we're heading to my backyard, dug it together, sprinkle some love. and kisses. and hopes. ok. i should stop

5. an edgless backyard house!!! for my kids to be, dogs, gooses, and mostly: my baobab...

6. a nice guy who would happily lend me his back and shoulder for me to pause, impart and alocate anything i have in mind. love, lust, luck and loyalty. shoot!

omyfriggin god.


  1. amin ... semoga terkabul semua keinginan ini ya nit :)

  2. tante ... halah, hihi ... lah gak oleh manggil mbak, ini orang di atas udah muncul aja duluan ,,,

    eh permintaanmu yang ketiga itu, boleh tuh ambil pohon mangga di depan rumahku, gak berbuah sama sekali hihihihi ... *such a romantic wish anyway* :p

  3. hahahahahha....anak 2 ini, so swit lo kalian! duh, tante jadi terharu. opo se!!!! bener ya, mangga!!!!

    makasih fenty dan fahmi.